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Important!  (2023/09/12)

الأهالي الكرام،

تصحيح للرسالة المرسلة سابقاً:

الصفوف ٤ الى ١٢
سنقدم هذا الخميس الموافق 14 سبتمبر و الخميس الموافق سبتمبر 21 جلسات دعم إضافية لبعض الطلاب بناءً على أدائهم في العام الماضي ونتائج اختبار القبول. ستغطي هذه الفصول الأساسيات التي ستساعد طلابنا على الوصول إلى مستوى صفهم والأداء الجيد في تقييماتهم. سيتم إبلاغ الطلاب وأولياء الأمور الذين تم اختيارهم لحضور جلسات الدعم الإضافية غدًا. الحصص الإضافية سوف تكون من الساعة 1 ظهرًا إلى 2 ظهرًا وسيتم مغادرة جميع الطلاب الآخرين في تمام الساعة 1 ظهرًا.

الخميس القادم، الموافق 28 سبتمبر، يرجى من جميع طلاب الصفوف ٤ الى ١٢ البقاء في المدرسة حتى الساعة 2 ظهرًا للاحتفال معنا باليوم الوطني السعودي! سنبقيكم على اطلاع بشأن أيام الخميس في وقت مبكر.

الصفوف ١ الى ٣
حصص الدعم ستكون كل خميس و أي نشاط أو احتفال سيكون داخل وقت المدرسة.
حصص الدعم من ال1 الى 2 ظهراً و انصراف الطلاب الذي ليس لديها حصص دعم في تمام الساعة 12:45 ظهرا


Dear Parents,

This is a correction to the previous message.

Grades 4 to 12

This Thursday, September 14, and next Thursday, September 21 we will be giving extra support sessions to selected students based on their performance last year and their entrance exam results. Those classes will cover basics that will help our students reach their class level and perform well in their assessments.
Students and parents who are chosen to attend the extra support sessions will be informed this week.
Note that the extra sessions are from 1 PM to 2 PM and all other students will be dismissed at 1 PM.

Thursday, September 28, Grades 4 to 12 are asked to stay at school until 2 PM to celebrate the Saudi National Day with us!

Grades 1 to 3
Students will always have support sessions every Thursday from 1 to 2 PM.
Students who are not asked to stay for extra support session will be dismissed at 12:45 PM.

We will keep you informed about our Thursdays early on.

Students Say...

  • AlZahraa Fayie (12B)

    As a long-time student at ZSIS, I’ve experienced the many changes the school underwent. Those past nine years were quite dynamic. But with every passing year, this place has changed for the better. ZSIS has an incredible pool of students, deemed as some of the most hardworking and eager to learn. Likewise, the teachers, who taught us all the fundamentals required, have proven to be the most dedicated and inspiring. In fact, to be immersed in such a driven and positive community has enabled my growth both academically and personally. As my graduation date draws closer, I only harbor an increasing appreciation for all the people who made those last nine years the best I’ve had.



  • Mirna Tamer (11A)

    Being a student of this school for 11 years is a proof of how outstanding it is. This school has taught me plenty of life lessons, not only because of the great mentors whom I’ve encountered but also because of the amazing friends I’ve come to know. It has become my haven, my safe place. It’s where I’ve smiled and laughed most, where I’ve met the best people in my life, where I’ve experienced my best memories. In addition, it has provided me with so many opportunities. Being a student at this school is something I’m extremely proud of and will always be.



  • Masa Jesri (10A)

    After spending 11 years at ZSIS, I came to know a lot of things. School is the place where smiles are made and knowledge is obtained. In my school, imagination isn’t fettered , it’s embraced. Yes, it’s tiring, yes it’s stressful; however, we have supporting teachers that got our backs.



  • Yasmeen AbuGhazalah (9A)

    Zahrat Al Sahraa’s teachers are the best. The school has made my language and critical thinking skills exceptional. In school, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Because of ZSIS, my sense of responsibility is very strong. Thank you ZSIS.



  • Lama El Farra (8A)

    My experience at ZSIS has been so great. I have entered ZSIS when I was 6 years old. My teachers were and still are great. My best friend Fajr made the journey even better with her presence everyday. I really enjoy my time here. ZSIS is the best school ever.



  • Sadeen Hani Alkhaifi (7A)

    The teachers at ZSIS are quite friendly and helpful, which makes studying the most exciting experience. I admire ZSIS and would like to thank it for taking care of me as a child and making me the young lady I am today.



  • Jouri Hani Almadhoun (6B)

    Zahrat Al Sahra’a International School is unique because you don’t only learn, but you have fun too. It changed my life as I went from Kindergarten into Lower elementary. Lessons are getting harder now, but that is what makes the ride more enjoyable. All I know is that my parents chose the right school.



  • Hour Al Hassan (5A)

    When I first became part of ZSIS, I was like “WOW” amazing ! I was sure that this school is going to be the best. When I first entered the class, I was shy. But my new friends showed me around, and I became familiar with the school. I like this school more than my old one.


    Hour Al Hassan (5A)

  • Nabil Sabri 12M

    For just over thirty years, this school has given a future a few of us wouldn't even dream of. It has given us the strength and knowledge to take the next step forward, the next giant leap, as it always has been, and shall forever be, striving for excellence.

  • Abdulla Sobhi 11M

    Striving for excellence since 1988, ZSIS has long been home to a very diverse community of students and teachers. ZSIS immerse morals of justice and equality into its students since youth. The teachers are among the most experienced in the country. With an impressive student-to- faculty ratio, ZSIS ensure students won’t face mere problems in their later studies.



  • Omar Diab 10N

    My experience at ZSIS has been pleasant so far. I have been in ZSIS for almost 12 years. Classes are organized in a neat and orderly manner. Schedules aren’t cumbersome. Some days are busy and some are pretty normal. Teachers are very adroit. They always have their students’ back. If something isn’t clear, they immediately explain it again.

  • Al Baraa Chorbaji 9L

    School life in ZSIS is astounding; the teachers are friendly, approachable, and phenomenal along with the students being remarkably smart and good-natured, which creates the perfect environment for learning. Although some subjects are hard, the teachers in ZSIS always make sure that the whole class goes home with everything fully explained. Overall, the school cannot be topped by any other when it comes to treating us well, as well as educating us, and I whole-heartedly hope the school outdoes itself in the future and advances further.

  • Khali Al Ghoul 8N

    Zahrat Al-Sahra'a International School is a place where smart children come to enrich their minds, as the teachers are extremely knowledgeable, kind, supportive, and amazing. The students in my school believe that their teachers are the best at their jobs, and no one can replace them. The playground is always sanitary and ready for the students' recess during which they eat and enjoy their time while watching a football tournament almost every day. The classes are always well equipped and inviting for students to have an awesome learning experience. All the students at ZSIS do agree that they are grateful for being in this magnificent school that prepares each and every one of them for a brilliant future. I advise all parents to register their children at ZSIS. Thank you my beloved school.

  • Abdelrahman Yaser 7N


    Zest to all the students

    Since 1988

    Idol of success

    Saga of achievements

  • Ammar Kashlan 6N

    ZSIS is the best school ever due to its great teachers, administrators, and students. I have learned many things in ZSIS, gotten many great friends and been very happy since I started my first year at ZSIS. Over the years, I had many great teachers such as Mr. Belal, Mr. Mustapha, and Mr. Emil. Now I am in grade 6. Grade 6 like any other year in ZSIS will be wonderful.

  • Kareem Subei 5M

    I think ZSIS has one of the best systems in Saudi Arabia, because it teaches every grade a level higher. They also hire well-trained and experienced teachers. I believe that I will obtain the best education possible by the time I graduate.

  • Omar Essam 4O

    ZSIS is the best school that I went to. I joined the school in grade 1. Now I am in grade 4, and I think that it is a nice school. Students respect the teachers and are afraid to make mistakes so the class is very quiet. I like sports class because it is very competitive, but I like English class the most.