Zahrat Al-Sahraa International School

Facts at a Glance


Registered name Zahrat Al Sahra'a International School
Registration number 28 / S
Issued by Ministry of Education, Jeddah
Graduation American High School Diploma- Grade 12
Accreditations Accredited by AdvancED ( NCA CASI)
Principal Curriculum American Public Schools' Curriculum
Curriculum Support Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
McGrow Hill
Ministry Of Education
Medium of teaching English (taught as a first/native language)
Other Languages French (mandatory until 6th grade)
External Evaluation

SAT I & II (Pre-requisite for graduation), NWEA's MAP, TOEFL (Optional), AP (Optional) 

PSAT 8/9/10
Local influences Arabic, Islamic, and Saudi Culture from the Ministry of Education
Enrollment 2,300 students
Average class size 24
Student-Teacher ratio 1:10
School Year September to May
School Week Sunday to Thursday
School Day 8 sessions of 45 minutes duration each
Semesters per Year 2