Zahrat Al-Sahraa International School

Facts at a Glance


Register Name Zahrat Al-Sahra'a International School
Graduation American High School Diploma
Accreditations Accredited by Cognia
Standards CCSS, NGSS, MOE
Main Curriculum Support Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
McGraw Hill
Ministry Of Education
Medium of teaching English (except for Arabic, Saudi Culture, and Islamic)
Other Languages French (mandatory until 6th grade)
Elective for High School
External Evaluation

SAT, AP, and ACT are optional based on university requirements.

PSAT 8/9/10 and NWEA's MAP are obligatory
Local influences Arabic, Islamic, and Saudi Culture from the Ministry of Education
Enrollment 1700 students
Average class size 24
Student-Teacher ratio 1:9
School Year September to June
School Week Sunday to Thursday
School Day 7 to 8 sessions of 40 to 45 minutes duration each
Semesters per Year 3